School for Dutch

Method / Philosophy

To talk is the first focus. Pronunciation, articulation, dialoguing, conversations are the keywords and key activities and only then comes grammar.

Learning a language is far more than memorizing words, and learning grammar rules. It’s first and for all  a physical activity which starts with just ‘doing the language’.

By using songs, language games, role playing, recent news events, daily dialogues and relevant stories we create a comfortable environment in which people feel free to work together. We focus on the individual student's needs and tailor our teaching methods accordingly.

This comfortable environment greatly increases a student's confidence to speak by 'trial and error'. This leads them to explore new associations and to venture further based on what they already know.

Daring to try is the first step, 'just do and don't think', and practice is the key. This practice takes place within familiar, personally relevant contexts - in class, at work, in shops and at home.

People learn better when they are having fun. In our classes people laugh at their own creative mistakes instead of avoiding them and, of course, making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.

Let's be honest, unless you are four years old, learning a language can be a hell of a job. But it is very much easier when you are enjoying the process and we guarantee that, with the school for Dutch, you will!

Please feel free to check your level at the online leveltest to get a glimps of our online exercises which provide a free package of the needed time to practice the skills learned in the lessons. Click below to check which courses are available.

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